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Samsung 32" Curved monitor (white) LC32F391FWUXEN

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Product Information

The deepest screen curve for the most deeply immersive viewing experience 
Wrapping around your field of vision like your local iMax theatre screen, the 1800R screen — with its 1.8m radius of arc for greater curvature — creates a wider field of view and enhances depth perception. The screen’s curve will fully immerse you in all your content. 

1800R screen and Eye Saver Mode for increased viewing comfort
The deeper 1800R screen curvature allows your eyes to track smoothly. In clinical tests this reduced eye strain when compared to viewing a flat screen. Eye Saver Mode reduces eye strain, providing a comfortable viewing experience. Flicker Free technology minimises distracting screen flicker. 

Superior image quality with Samsung’s advanced display technology
Best-in-class 3000:1 contrast ratio: Samsung’s VA panel technology provides a 3000:1 contrast ratio that delivers deeper blacks, more brilliant whites, and richer colours for clearer, more vibrant images Reduced light leakage: Samsung’s curved display technology minimises light leakage from the screen edges to ensure more uniform blacks across the entire viewing area 

Super slim curved screen and stylish, contemporary design 
Super slim curved panel: With an astonishingly slim 11.9mm profile — as slender as a ballpoint pen — the solid curved panel is more than half as slim as previous curved-screen models Simple circular stand: a simple circular stand elegantly complements the slender curved panel Glossy white finish: the glossy-white rear panel provides a stylish, contemporary finish 

Enhanced gaming experience with Game mode
Game mode instantly optimises screen colours and contrast for gaming to ensure you enjoy every scene at its best 

Samsung eco-saving technology reduces energy consumption and environmental impact
Energy-saving auto-brightness setting: Samsung’s eco-saving technology fluidly adjusts display brightness based on the luminescence of screen blacks to reduce energy consumption by up to 10%* Dual manual brightness settings: Screen brightness can also be set manually to 25% or 50% of maximum

Popular Features
  • 32 Inch Screen size
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Ports - HDMI DisplayPort
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Refresh Rates - 60 Hz
  • 4 MS Response Time
  • Curved screen
  • VESA Mounting Interfaces - 75x75 mm

Tech Spec

Colour Brilliant White
Compatbility PC
Product line Samsung CF391 Series
Colour Category White
Model C32F391FWU
Energy Class A+
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Maximum resolution 1920 x 1080
Panel type VA
Touch screen type Non Touch
Refresh Rate 60Hz
3D compatibility
4K resolution
Interface DisplayPort
Native resolution 1920 x 1080
Form factor Desktop
Display type LED-backlit LCD monitor
Screen Size (diagonal) 81.3cm
Image Brightness 250cd/m2
Response time 4MS
Display Position Adjustments Tilt
LCD Backlight Technology LED backlight
Vertical Viewing Angle 178
Horizontal Viewing Angle 178
Widescreen Widescreen
Colour Support 16.7 million colours
TFT Technology VA
Image Contrast Ratio 3000:1
V-Sync Rate at Max Res. 60Hz
Video Format Full HD (1080p)
Curved screen
TV Tuner / TV Tuner Presence
Display (Projector) / Image Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Audio Output / Type None
Power / Energy Consumption per Year 45kWh
System Requirements / OS Required Windows 10
Display (Projector) / Interface HDMI
VESA mounting interfaces compatibility 75x75mm
Width 73cm
Depth 25cm
Height 53cm
Weight 6.2kg
Included Ports HDMI
HDMI quantity 1
DisplayPorts quantity 1
USB Port
VGA Ports 0
DVI Ports

Review of Samsung C32F391



The C32F391FW goes by many names, and all of them just so happen to be alpha-numerical gibberish to the everyday consumer. With regional designations aside, this monitor’s more commonly acknowledged as the C32F, if acknowledged at all, and is a page straight out of Samsung’s “for gamers” playbook, which is the CF Series of desktop displays. At a comfortably large size of 32-Inches and a curved screen, this FHD 1080 monitor aims at being an instant go-to display for the budget gaming crowd who’re looking for something more than an everyday 1920×1080 display. With certain features which are not seen together all that often on the same monitor, the C32F wears its oddities with pride, but can those novelties justify a price tag that’s in the range of some of the better WQHD monitors out there, with much better feature lists?

The Design of C32F391


As with all Samsung’s CF monitors, the design is that signature trait that resurfaces with every new model. Minimalistic, are the modifications and diversions from the original design, with modernistic beauty being the theme, helping the C32F sell on the fact it’s trying to be different from the regular slew of monitors on the market. With sharp edges, straight lines, and nicely rounded bevels, the glossy silver frame keeps the curved VA panel looking great and keeping you distracted from its shortcomings.

A great feature and a pretty good idea that was thought up by the nice folks at Samsung was the JOG joystick on the back of the monitor. Great for quickly accessing and navigating the firmware control menu, which neatly packs all the monitor controls into an easy-to-navigate matrix. Gone are the usual touch controls or buttons that are noticed on most other displays, making for a very clean look. The joystick sits just behind the monitor, at the bottom corner and takes up very little space. Rather accurate and almost instinctual to use, the JOG control on the C32F is one of the best perks of the CF series of displays.

Samsung’s also learned from past slip-ups and added a VESA mount on the monitor, this time around. It looks like it fits it rather comfortably as well, thanks in part to its large size. The mounting bracket is fitted into the back of the case, almost seamlessly, so as not to blemish that beautifully ridged rear casing.

The rear casing features very little on its landscape, to keep things looking clean and neat. They’re the holes for the VESA mounting bracket, as well as a strip of the usual connectors. There are an HDMI and a Display port, for your preferred graphics cable/s, and a DC port for the power connector. There’s also a direct headphone jack port here, for those that care to use it.

The C32F also packs a pair of 5watt speakers, which are a nice touch.  The monitor, unlike a few of its predecessors, also comes with orientation options, which, although limited, are much better than nothing at all. And if you crave a bit more flexibility, the stock stand can always be traded in for a VESA-compatible one.

The Display


The display on the C23F leaves many things to be desired, unfortunately. The curved display on its smaller predecessors was capable of outputting some pretty nice images. The problem with the display on the C23F, however, is that the screen is a little too large to be taken seriously at 1920×1080, in this day and age. We’ve got phones and tablets that operate at 4k resolutions. We’ve even got WQHD tablets that are around the same price as the C23F. With the 32” 1920×1080 resolution, you’ve got what is essentially a smallish image that’s stretched across a large surface just about to fit it. The loss in pixel density is rather expected on this side but is still extremely disappointing. The smaller CF model from last year held contrast at around 5000:1. For comparison, the C32F’s contrast ratio looks like it’s at 3000:1, due, in part, to the large screen size, even though it’s listed as a 5000:1 display on the Samsung website.

The display, however, also runs a VA panel that makes the contrast stand out. The colors are pretty… well, colorful, but not crisp, given the smudginess of the low pixel density. With an ~sRGB color gamut, the C32F is nowhere close to the best there is, but the WLED backlighting and contrast capabilities of the display help.

The panel on this curved display is, oddly, an almost invisible matte SVA panel. With clear images up to 175 degrees, after which, the sheen will start to show. This also means that, realistically, you’ll only have about a few tens of degrees of lean space, taking in to account the aggressive 1800R curvature of the monitor. Beauty has its price.

The monitor runs a 1920×1080 resolution at 60hz which is your run-of-the-mill resolution and refresh rate, nothing really impressive at any rate. The Samsung C32F also boasts a 4ms response time, which should make even the smallest color changes in frame updates print instantly, but with the low gradient ghosting of the SVA panel, you can’t really appreciate it. Samsung’s WLED backlight is flicker-free, and the monitor also comes with an eye-saver mode, enabling long hours of use with little to no fatigue experienced. The monitor also comes with a few other modes and presets, dedicated to gaming, movies and the like, but the preset names are rather vague. It’ll take a bit of experimenting to find one you’d like.